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TOA MUTIL TECH @ - september 2017!


TOA MUTIL TECH is an organization that deals on IT.

It was built with passion, to create something out of noting, to build a great industry here in our world. We offer Support, Computer and Network Engineering, Servers and Website Development and much more still coming.

The Great Dream

TOA MUTIL TECH started as a dream and now come to reality.

The Great Dream of ours is to meet the needs of our customer and through us the the world become a better place to stay.

For IT support, This is one place to come here in Nigeria test image
We are expert in Assisting People in their IT HardWare issues.
We are reliable and offer quality services to our client..


We are Professionals and accountable.
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We are expert in providing services that are known to be rear and advantageous to our client with the motion of quality service first before any other thing.

Our readiness

Our readiness to help any small or large organization in Growing is certain.
Our readiness to help any small or large organization in increasing their annual output is certain and sure. We are ready to help anyone get to their height of goal in the business.
Finally we put God into consideration in everything we do.

About us

We are one of the many organizations moving the awareness of ICT into organization of any kind like School, Markets, Hotel etc and how it will help the flow of their businesses and showing them the great power of ICT and how it can be advantageous to them and moving the country forward.

Latest News

We are planning to storm the market with our Ideas and Tech.


Our Works

Glorious Market
We build Glorious Market Site
Perfect Step
We Build their site, Network the School, E-library and The Database of the School